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New arrivals

Murray River Puppies breeds responsibly from a waiting list.

Waiting list

When our Girls cycle we refer to this list and breed only if there are families awaiting the new arrival.

UNFORTUNATELY  sometimes when they are born, and even after paying a non-refundable $500.00 to enter this list some puppies are still left without a home. 

Being on the WAITING list is where your puppy is planned and breed  for you. This list is a Commitment.

If you are on the waiting list then we are breeding for you so this means You will be contacted before the Priority List.

To enter our waiting list and assist with planed/responsible breeding please email

** your entry fee comes of your puppy purchase price.

Priority List

We are now trialing this page as a priority list option.

IF puppies are not forever homed when the waiting list is contacted then the Priority list will be contacted before the puppies are listed on our social  media or webpages.

How it will work.

FIRSTLY you must be committed  in your interest to assure our breeding program is successful with homes for puppies on their arrival.

To assure commitment there is an entry Fee= $100.00 and this is non fund-able for any reason.

If you enter priority list and  Murray River Puppies are unable to supply you a puppy due to litter size, then you will be moved to the waiting list so we can re-plan with you. This way you be notified before the priority list next litter.

Simply complete the below form and once received/ processed you will be  sent details for the entry fee. Note you are not on the priority list until the fee is received and cleared into Murray River Puppies bank account.

Litters Planned.





In Planning, Mums will be listed once mated.


 F1b Medium Groodles- In planning

                                                   Dad Mudgee



Mini Groodles- In planning.


Dad Red





Standard Groodles

Dad Flowky

Priority List Application
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What are you interested in?

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