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F1b Cavoodle Puppies
F1b = Mum Cavoodle and Dad a Mini Poodle
The  Cavoodle is a small dog with that usually has a thick, soft coat that can be wavy or straight.
The F1b Cavoodle results in a lovely cross with typically a little curlier coat than the first generation.  They are generally non-shedding due to the lovely thick coat, have the typical teddy bear appearance, and bear a delightful nature. 
The F1b Cavoodle is a lively and very affectionate companion. They have bundles of energy and suit an active household. They enjoy socializing with other dogs and playing fetch. Daily walks will keep your F1b Cavoodle happy and healthy.F1b Cavoodles have a very gentle nature and can make wonderful companions for children.
They’re small dogs and are hypoallergenic. F1b Cavoodles due  non-shedding are often tolerated by allergic people.
They can easily adapt to living in a small home or apartment if they receive adequate daily exercise. Their coats do take a great deal of care though, generally requiring professional grooming, as well as regular combing and brushing at home.
Weight 5-12kg and Height 25- 38cm depending on the breed of the parents.
Time**** Space*** Cost*** Exercise****
Kids***** Noise**
Life Span 10-15 Grooming****Personality*****

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