F1b Schnoodle Puppies

Currently we have NO F1b Schnoodles available.
If you would like any more information or to enter the waiting list for the planning of end 2022, early 2023, please contact, via EMAIL

Currently our F1b Schnoodles are $6000.00 each.
Flights from Victoria are an additional $450.00.

F1b Schnoodle is a Schnoodle x Poodle

F1b Schnoodle temperament are loyal devoted companions, social with all members of the family and friends. F1b Schnoodles are very perceptive, their intellect and eager to please nature make most F1b Schnoodles easy to train.
F1b Schnoodles are energetic and make good companions for active people and families. As well as loving the cuddles.
F1b Schnoodles sizes vary as well as colours in each litter.

F1b Mini Schnoodle  Height at the shoulder 30-40 cm Weight 6-12 Kg

Please note our terms and conditions from our website

Moira Shire Council
*Victoria Minister Approved Breeder.

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