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Become a member and support Victorian Minister approved breeders.
Negative media.

Can we believe all we read?
This is your decision.
Remember -Media is a market, it is the writers goal to sway you as part of the public.
Unfortunately many people have negative opinions to dog breeding. They want to remove you from having a choice in your next pet.
They often preach "RESCUE"and "adopt don't shop".
Whilst MRP's have animal activists and the uneducated attacking us in all forms of Media we remain strong and dedicated to our passion which is  "Our dogs".

One Fable the activist such as Oscar's Law will try and have you convinced with is Murray River Puppies are a member of Dogs Vic....Sorry Murray River Puppies are hybrid breeders and Murray River Puppies are not a members of Dogs Victoria.

Due to deformation, stalking and harassment in the past, the director of Murray River Puppies have had to take measures via Victorian courts to protect family and Staff.
The founder of Oscar's Law -Debra Tranter, since 2013 is on an Indefinite IVO achieved by the director off Murray River Puppies. The Wixxyleaks blogger was also been placed on an IVO.

Debra Tranter has since been charged and found guilty by a Magistrate for  a breach of her IVO in parliament house 2016
and has received a conviction and fine.

If you are concerned with what you may have read- Call us.
Ethical / Registered Breeding not Puppy Farming.

The working definition of a “Puppy Farm” is “Illegal an intensive breeding facility that is operated
under inadequate/ substandard conditions that fails to meet the dog’s behavioural, social and/or physiological needs”
Welcomed by Murray River Puppies and long overdue, in January 2012 Ted Bailieu announced a new legislation
to crackdown on illegal puppy farms/rouge operators.
He has introduced tough new penalties, massive fines for cruelty, and equipped the RSPCA
with new policing and confiscation powers, enabling them to seize profits
and assets of illegal puppy farms.
It is now in legislation that if you have 3 or more entire dogs in Victoria you must have a council permit known as
A Domestic Business Permit and from there you are bound by the Code of Practice set out by the State Government.
This is known as the Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments.
The local council is responsible for the registration of this permit and enforcing its integrity.
The breeder then must be audited by State Government
and be approved by the minister to obtain a breeding permit.
Under this Code of practice there are many responsibilities for the proprietor of the
Breeding Establishment ensuring animal welfare is maintained.
The Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments was reviewed and introduced 1st April 2014.
Murray River Puppies support and welcome this overhaul as it is long overdue. 
Murray River Puppies was represented at a meeting with the DPI as a key stakeholder to help obtain what is right
and professional when breeding our/your companion animals.
The code developed is the strictest within Australia
and it is in place to assure you, your next puppy/dog is being bred with all welfare needs met.
Murray River Puppies has a Victorian Government Domestic Animal Business Registration,
has council registration,  and a planning permit.
We  provide regular veterinary care, employ qualified staff, have an animal behaviorist available.
We offer socialization, attend to our dogs physiological needs, and have an established retirement program. 
Murray River Puppies does not operate in inadequate/substandard conditions.
This has been overseen and substantiated  by State  Government, our Council Law Enforcement Officers, 
 and the VGAB Group.
We currently stand as Australia's 1st Vet Audited ( Vet Approved) Dog breeding Establishment

Murray River Puppies are Government Registered, Responsible, Professional breeders
who breed happy, healthy, socialized family pets.
Many of our puppies/dogs are active as Well-being dogs in Mental health programs.
We are passionate about our industry and work closely
with our associations. We encourage realistic, positive change in the industry.

Unfortunately Animal right activists groups and followers will never agree that dog breeding can be done ethically,
that is their opinion and they are entitled to hold it.
They are entitled to campaign against cruel practices – but they find it easier to target breeders such as commercial breeders because they are visible, transparent and open about their business's. "The Tall poppy syndrome". 
Animal rights groups have made attempts many times
and still do today to disrepute our business online,
defaming us publicly, sending abusive emails and threatening text’s against us and our children.
This is a daily event for many dog breeders.
It is mental abuse directed personally in a way which is both cruel and cowardly.
For Murray River Puppies and our family,
this has been to the extent where we  have had to resort to an indefinite AVO
which was granted on the founder of an AR  group called Oscar's Law.
We agree that puppy farms/ factories/mills / back yard breeders need to be addressed
and we will continue to welcome and display positive, realistic change in the industry.
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All trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners.
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