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Lauren's New Mate
Companion Dog for Lauren
Created April 19, 2016
Narelle Morris
Dear Murray River Puppies,
My daughter Lauren is currently raising funds to buy herself a companion dog and I am seeking your assistance to fulfil her dream.
Lauren is 20 years old and has autism and intellectual disability. She has marked difficulties in behaviour, social interaction and communication. She attends day services in Echuca but has difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships. This has significantly impaired her ability to share interests and activities with people.  
For the past 16 years her saving grace was the love of her 4 legged friend “Copper”, a beautiful placid cocker spaniel who she loved dearly. 
Unfortunately, due to age and illness we farewelled him to doggy heaven last year. Since then, sadness and loneliness have overcome Lauren and she is becoming more withdrawn.
Recently we talked to her about getting a new dog and for the first time in a long while we saw a glimmer of happiness in her eyes. We want to bring a smile back on her face and find her a new companion to love her and be loved by her.
I am hoping that you can assist us to find her perfect friend.
Many thanks,
Narelle Morris
Murray River Puppies stepped in to assist.
Murray River Puppies has assisted Special needs families with puppies  in the past via the Starlight Childrens Foundation and Casen's Journey ( Pippa) and now we have also assisted Lauren.

Watch this page for future stories of Lauren and her new mate- Ruby.


Lauren Recieved her puppy 30.4.16, baby girl has been named "RUBY".
Ruby is just gorgeous. Such a happy puppy. Settled in very nicely. Absolutely loves her new yard. Loves chasing the younger kids around then spending time resting with Loz.
Love from  all.
Ruby Update - 7.6.16.
Settled into her new home very nicely. Graduated from puppy school last week with flying colors and had her first haircut today. Loz and Ruby are still working on their relationship to determine who is actually top dog but they love each others company nonetheless. She is such a clever dog and already knows how to sit, drop, roll over and shake hands. She is very much loved.
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