We are currently producing Murray River Puppies merchandise for you to take home after your visit to either MRP's, Raised Views or both!  If you are unable to attend Murray River Puppies but would still like a momento, please email and we would be happy to send it along with your puppy pack or arrange for delivery to you.  We will be adding to our product selection but here is what we have so far...

Stubby Holders (front and back pictured) $8.00 each

MRP pens $3.00 each

MRP dog lead $10.00 each

Notepad $15.00 each

Coffee mugs $15.00 each

Placemats (front and back pictured) $5.00 each

Raiseview evening sunset photo and frame 8x10"$30.00
Groodle 4x6" and frame $15.00
Collage of Raised Views                                       4x6"$10.00
Wine and dine Groodle $25.00
Oodle Paw's 4x6"$10.00
Raiseview evening sunset photo and frame 8x10"$25.00
Keyrings currently 3 designs available $8.00 each.
Double sided
Collage framed magnet back 4x6" $10.00
Dr Groodle 4x6" $15.00
Collage of MRP puppies and RaisedViews
8x10" $15.00
Schnoodle naps 4x6" $10.00
Groodle baby 8x10"$15.00