Mini Retriever.

The Mini Retriever is a delightful breed of dog that is suited to almost any household.
The deliberately bred cross of a Mini Schnauzer cross Golden Retriever is calm yet cheeky in personality.
A great dog for retrieving.
They are classed as a medium breed generally reaching to the size of 30-40cm to the shoulder, weighing  approx 12-20kg.
They are great around children and the elderly and are able to brighten any day.
Mini Retrievers coats can be fleecy as the Golden Retriever is or can be a good combination of the 2 which reduces hair loss.
Grooming is required to release hair to prevent natural shedding. Although they are not classed as non-shedding the shedding from the Golden Retriever is reduced by the schnauzer influence.

If you are interested in owning a Mini Retriever as your own please email please see below for available puppies together with photos of their parents.


Past Mini Retriever litters

Currently we have No Mini Rets available. Please email for waiting list details