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Retired Parents Rehoming and Transition Program
At Murray River Puppies we have recently begun trialling a new re-homing program for our ex breeding parents.  We understand the importance of gently introducing our dogs into a home and family environment.  They have always been with us, trust us and love us in a kennel environment with many other dogs so bringing them into a new home and environment without us or their other playmates must be done properly to ensure a successful transition.
Once our parents are de-sexed, they now go to our very own foster family who together with their dog, cat and housemates, work with the dog to help the dog learn how to live in an everyday environment.  They become part of their everyday family, live inside with them, go to the dog park regularly and just learn what all of the new sights and sounds are around them eg the scary washing machine and vacuum! 
When the dog is ready, they find the perfect home for them that is best suited to the specific dogs needs. 
We are very proud and pleased to say that although this is still a pilot program in it’s early stages, it has had an excellent success rate and that all of the dogs that have gone to live with them have gone to a great new forever home with beautiful families and we are happy to report that they have all settled in really well.  One has settled in a little too well and they have decided to keep her to assist with mentoring the new arrivals!
Here are the photos of our dogs (some with their new siblings) that have been a part of this program so far....
If you would like to enter the waiting list for the Rehoming and Transisitonal progam for a retired breeding dog please email