F1b Sheepadoodles
Mum = Old English Sheepdog x Standard Poodle
Dad = Standard Poodle

Sheepadoodles are calm and playful, and their
love for children makes them the perfect pet for
your family. They are social, affectionate, gentle,
patient and love to be around and please their

Sheepadoodles are described as being great dogs
for families, because of their good temperament.
They are loving, obedient and social dogs that
like to meet new dogs and people. They have moderate energy levels and are calm inside the home.

Our Sheepadoodles are expected to be hypoallergenic, 18-25kg in weight and approximately 45-60cm to the shoulders. Their coat is expected to be long wavy and fleece.

For our 2022 waiting list details, or pricing enquiries please email
or call 03 58735348.