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Starlight Childrens Foundation.
Starlight Shine On.


Murray River Puppies is proud to be involved in the Starlight Foundation.
The temperament of our dogs has been proven not once but many times to be suited for special needs.
Share Christie and Monty's adventure.
On Christies wish list was Monty- Murray River Puppies was able to assist and help
Christie's dream come true.
Monty is a F1b Spoodle. ( Spoodle cross Mini Poodle). 
Light and perfect for Christie.
Christie has a genetic condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1
- also known as Brittle Bone Disease.
There is no cure. She also has several other conditions and is in constant pain.
Monty (puppy) is just perfect. She is more beautiful than the photo.
Christie fell in love straight away and puppy fell in love with her.
They have had a nap together already.
The cat is not amused at all, but she will get over it!
We all love her so much! Monty is seriously the perfect pup for Christie.
We can't thank you and Joe enough for this beautiful gift.
Christie is going to write you a little letter soon. 
In some of the photos I am sending,
Christie may not look as thrilled as one would expect,
but I assure you she is just beyond happy.
Her pain is really bad today thanks to a change in medication.
She said that this is the best wish she could ever wish for
and she loves Monty more than anything in the whole world.
Already today there is a change Christie.
Christie usually hardly ever comes out of her room,
just right now she is outside with puppy on her lap,
sitting with her big sister. She is exhausted but happy.
Monty sleeps with Christie every night, on the pillow or in the shelf
above Christie's bed, only waking around
5.30 when I put her out to pee, straight back to bed and sleep.
Christies pain is really bad, but the things she
has been doing since she got Monty is incredible!
She is spending most of the day out of bed,
walking a lot more where she would usually use her wheelchair,
she tries to feed Monty and take her outside as much as she can.
When she can't she asks me to care for her.
Christie is exhaustedbut loves her pup so much.
Monty is doing well. She has one more week at puppy school
and is doing so well. The trainer said she is the best
in the class. She sits, waits on hand commands only.
She drops on hand commands.
She stays for a short time.
Also shakes paws and sits and waits at the door to come in, until told ok.
Monty is growing into a gorgeous little girl!
So much personality and beautiful nature.
Awesome to see BOTH girls having fun.
That is what it was all about.
Thank-you and hugs to all!




Hi Jodie, 
Christie is doing really well.  She is now going to school at Lake Tuggeranong College catching a bus to and from school every day.  Monty has been a part of Christie’s recovery.  Monty is such a sweetie. Monty has grown up and is doing really well on the toilet training.  Monty now sits at the door when she wants to go out.  We are being very consistent with her and she is responding really well.  Monty has been taught to sit when she is asking for something.  Monty will even wait for my two year old grand-daughter to tell her it is ok for Monty to eat her dinner (Monty’s dinner that is). 
Steve Maddox
Our next baby that has become another childs dream come true.
Meet "Toby"
Hi Jodie,
Just wanted to let you know that everything went really well with the puppy delivery and Mark and his family are over the moon with the new addition to their family. I've attached a few pictures of my colleague on her way to deliver Toby and a pic of him when she picked him up. He is so cute!!!
Thank you so much for helping us grant another wish.
Kind regards, Natasha
You may have read from activist pages such as Oscar's Law  and followers such as Anne Williams
that Murray River Puppies has stated we are involved with or are
an ambassador for the Startlight Childrens Foundation - this is not fact.

Fact is -We have we have not stated this,
We have supported needing families who have wanted puppies for their children
via the Startlight Children's Foundation.
Our Thank-you certificate is from the foundation, a thank-you for the assistance we have provided.
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