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Casen's Journey
In May 2015 Murray River Puppies where contact
to help a beautiful young boy along his journey.
Dear Murray River Puppies.
Our son Casen was born with a rare condition,
it's called Anorectal Malformation or Imperforate Anus,
we have been spending so much time in the RCH due to his condition,
he has a ileostomey bag as his bottom doesn't work.
He has a Facebook Page called Casen's Journey.

Check out Casen's Journey page 💜
I see you have help little people with disabilities thought star light,

hey are beautiful people.
I was wondering as this puppy is for Casen and our other boys

as our last dog went to sleep at the age of 15 years, would there be any way you could please help,
we would be very grateful, so we could get this beautiful puppy for him. 
Naomi XXX.
We could only respond.
Well Casen knows how to melt a heart doesn't he.
Happy to assist- Have you asked Starlight at all?
Happy to hold baby until I hear back from you.

How awesome,the boys will be so happy to see her,

glad my phone is water proof as Casen will be kissing it lol
Thanks heaps
Naomi xxx

From here little "Pippa" our sable Toy Cavoodle female
has become a major part of Casen and his families life.
Please enjoy below as we all become part of Casen's Journey
that is endlessly involved in surgery at the Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital.
He is absolutely amazing- along with his adorable family.
12th June 2015
Another emotional day here at Murray River Puppies.
Today our little female sable Toy Cavoodle puppy
was introduced into Casen's Journey.

"Pippa" will help Casen on his Journey with lots of Love and Kisses!
Pippa will also be loved dearly by Casen's 3 older brother
who where besotted when finally meeting her today
at Murray River Puppies.
The Pearce family enjoyed their tour around Murray River Puppies, meeting and patting all the dogs, learning
about dog breeding and how their little "Pippa" was raised.
They also enjoyed meeting some of our other critter,
Mr Wilson, Arther and Matilda.

We wish Casen and his family
all the best for his surgery next week at the
Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne
and look forward to pictures of Pippa growing up
with all 4 boys in Horsham.
Some pictures of Casen hanging with his puppy Pippa,they are best of buds
So today is Miss Pippa's 1st birthday,
o we had a little party for her.
She loved her Cake 🎂 and New Toy 
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