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Golden Retriever
The Golden Retriever was developed in Britain during the 1800's.
The man responsible for this illustrious breed, Lord Tweedmouth, wanted a dog that was loyal, kind, spirited, and energetic.
He also wanted a dog with a love for water and the ability to retrieve.
Golden Retrievers are the embodiment of beauty and brains.
These Dogs are justifiably one of the most popular choices
as a pet for kids and the family.
They are gentle and understanding around children, but still playful and affectionate enough to have a huge amount of fun with adults and teenagers. 
Goldie's also make a excellent guard dog playing the role of both good cop/ bad cop routine beautifully, being great around the kids
but also seemingly tough enough to keep unwanted guest's out.
Being a Retriever they love the water so with that being said this is a great way to get your dog a lot of the exercise required, but remember don't overdo it as like the Labrador this will be tiring for the dog.
The Golden Retriever requires daily and thorough brushing with a firm bristle brush. They should be dry shampooed regularly,
and bathed only when absolutely necessary with a mild shampoo.
They are prone to hip dysplasia, cataracts, and skin allergies,
though careful breeding assists here.
It is important to not over feed the Golden Retriever,
as they have a tendency to gain weight.
Helpful Info
Daily brushing of your dog reduces some of its hair going onto your Furniture.


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