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Testimonials for Schnoodles.

Dear Jodie.
This is Koomie the Schnoodle at 7 months Still absolutely gorgeous - NOT FERAL Having training with Scott Harris at Allans Flat - so most times he sits and drops etc. Many thanks
Howard and Jeanette Scheetz
Dear Jodie and Joe,
Thanks so much for Molly. We have spent the day getting to know her and she is now settled in her kennel on the back deck just outside the living room and seems happy there. We have all fallen in love with her at first sight. She is doing well, and in spite of some initial get to know you nerves, she seems happy too. I will stay in touch about her progress.
Thanks again,
Just an update on our wonderful Koomie aged 21 months
We have just been away travelling for 3 months and he thoroughly enjoyed it as we did, visited all states except Tas and ACT
Hi Jodie,
 Just a quick update on Ziggy.  He has settled in very well with our family.  He is affectionate, playful, obedient, loving and sometimes just a little bit naughty.
 He is a quick learner and very keen to please us.
 We will keep you updated on his progress.
 Kind regards,
Jacqui, Kevin, Tom and Jimmy
Hi There
My name is Maggie Horsburgh from Perth in WA. I recently bought my beautiful little Bella from PetCity in Joondalup. She was born on the 24/10/2011.   She is a beautiful little girl.
With kind regards
Steff is one of our retired Schnauzers.
She is greatly loved in her new home.
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