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Golden Retriever Testionials



Some pics from Athena's birthday. Lisa gave her a toy and edible card on the day of her birthday and made a "pie" on the party day. The only canine guest present was a "rat! Al call them...but the pair of them had a ball!
Hi Jodie and Joe
Hope you and the
family are all well.
We have attached
some recent photos
of Kimba to show you
(9 months old now)-
she is so wonderful!
(Montanna&  Sexy Rexy
would be proud!)
Hi Jodie,
We purchased a Golden Retriever puppy off you (born on the 26th June 2010), from Sexy Rexy and Teddie Rose's litter of pups.
Phoenix has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is very intelligent and a bundle of energy!

Our older retriever Chelsea (who we purchased from your dad about 6 years ago), is very protective of Phoenix and has taught her many things.
We believe Phoenix has added years to Chelsea's life. Chelsea is 6 and seemed to be slowing down... Along came Phoenix and Chelsea is now acting like a puppy too! Chelsea used to be terrified during storms, she now copes a lot better with the protection and company of Phoenix.
Phoenix often sleeps in Chelsea's kennel, they are best friends and great company for each other.
As we are rapt with our new baby, we would recommend Murry River Puppies to any family seeking to add a loving, energetic bundle of fluff to their lives.
The Goldsworthy Family.
Hi Jodie

This is Angus he was born on 15 June 2007.  He is very placid, loving and loyal.

He is a big part of our family.
We have 3 children and he loves them all to bits. So thanks for breeding such a great dog we all love him to bits too even my Husband who wasn't keen to start with !!
He also loves the water !! He is about 31 kg and quiet tall everyone tells me for a GR !!

Thanks again for your help with the Schnoodle enquiry earlier.

Kind regards
Janine Hickey & family

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