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Mini Bernardoodles
(Mini Saint Bernardoodle)
Mini Bernardoodles (Mini Saint Bernardoodle)
are wonderful family additions.
As you can see by the pictures in the video on this page -
family is important to them and they will do anything to fit in.
They love children and are very gentle.
There Easy to train, Mini St Bernardoodle is breed from a St Bernard, Spaniel and medium Poodle. They are Non-shedding, no drooling and their eyes that do not require surgery.
The Bernardoodle was 1st breed in the UK and Murray River Puppies are the first to have them available for you in Australia. Regular grooming is required similar to that of the Groodle and many other oodle breeds. They are energetic puppies but with calm training can be controlled very easily.
Height 40-50cm to the shoulders, weight 12-20kg.

Medium Breed.
Mini Saint Bernard
Many love the St Bernard though due to size and the drooling turn away from the breed-
well now you can have a similar dog in nature but smaller.
The Mini St Bernard is also a medium breed but due to cross back to the spaniel (unrelated)  from the Poodle cross, brings back the delightful color and characters of the St Bernard.
Again no drooling and eyes that do not require surgery, though the Mini St Bernard does shed hair. (min)
Height 40-50cm to the shoulders, weight 14-22kg. Medium Breed.

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