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Mental Health & Well-being Program
Testimonials of our Murray River Puppies Groodles doing what they do best in  Mental Health & Well-being Programs, as well-being dogs.  
Micky at St Michael's Primary School Meadowbank
Micky is now 5 and a half months old. She is the most beautiful natured dog! She has settled into life as well-being dog at our school and we can’t imagine life without her! She absolutely loves all the staff and children and we love how she is also a character! Having the children give her a bell rub is her favourite part of her day! 

Kind regards
Alison Felici
St Michael’s Primary School Meadowbank
Mable at Middleton Public School
Mabel has had a lovely start to her new home and her career. She has loads of energy, loves to run, chase and wear her owns out. Loves to chew of sticks and loves playing in water and getting wet and muddy. 
She loves her job and works hard all day long. She is all the students favourite staff member and gets loads of pats and cuddles from the other staff members.  
Luke Evans
Classroom teacher
Middleton Public School 
Murphy at Girton Grammar Junior School
Murphy is now 16 weeks old and has been busy since we collected him from Murray River Pups at 10 weeks.  Over the past 6 weeks, Murphy has enjoyed puppy school, giving him a chance to socialise with other pups. He is very social and loves playing with other dogs.  Murphy has also been training at home ready to start school as a well-being pup with Dogs Connect.  Murphy is part of the Dogs Connect Program and is joining Girton Grammar Junior School. 
Murphy loves his crate and was very easy to train to sleep all night.  He has had very few indoor toilet incidents, barking to let us know when to take him out.  He loves his food and will do anything for a treat which has made training him a breeze.  Having had other breeds of dogs in the past, we were impressed with how intelligent he is and easy to train.
We found that Murphy loves his toys, particularly a Monkey that he has slept with since day one and still loves.  He enjoys playing fetch with a ball, tug-of-war with a rope and jumping in any puddle he can find.   We were able to take him to the beach for the school holidays which he loved, he was unsure of the waves and so avoided a swim but had a great time on the sand.  Murphy has had his initial school visit and met the students who were all very calm and followed the Dogs Connect three expectations for interacting with him to ensure he was not frightened or over stimulated.  He is starting next term on a modified timetable to ensure he can cope with shorter visits while he is still a young pup.
Murphy is a gentle giant!  Although he is a big pup for his age,  he has a very gentle nature and has shown no aggression towards any people or other dogs.  We have given his a range of experiences to prepare him for the busyness of school life and he seems to take everything in his stride.  We all adore this gorgeous young pup and look forward to the rest of his journey with us.
Belinda Vernon
Girton Grammar Junior School. 
Maisie at Trinity Lutheran College Mildura
Maisie is 8 months old, and she has brought an enormous amount of joy to our school community, and she is perfect in her role as a wellbeing dog. Our partnership with Dogs Connect program and their ongoing support has been amazing to ensure Maisie builds positive connections and has the best start on her learning journey. Maisie has a beautiful nature, and enjoys running, playing and being around people and other dogs. She is affectionate and also loves lots of pats and belly rubs. Maisie is naturally inquisitive and learnt fast about her environment and daily routines. We couldn’t have asked for anymore from Maisie we all love her!
Jillene Haaja
Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Trinity Lutheran College Mildura
IMG_29211 (003).jpg
rosie mcp.jpg
farm before mud fun sept 4 (1).jpg
Rosie at Notre Dame College Shepparton
At Notre Dame College, we have joined with Dogs Connect and now have our wellbeing dog, Rosie. Rosie is a standard groodle from Murray River Puppies and is now seven months old. She has the most gentle and relaxed personality and loves coming to school to work with our students and staff. She has been a joy to train and socialise with other dogs and many different people.  Rosie also loves just being a dog when she is not at school, running around on the farm and enjoying the mud!
Kind regards,
Emma Reynoldson
Deputy Principal
Hi Murray River Team, 
Thanks so much for introducing us to our little biscuit boy - Oreo. 
He has taken to his new sister and home like a duck to water, and is even starting to pick up on some basic training tricks already such as ‘wait’ and how to walk on a lead. 
We can’t to watch him grow into a gorgeous, charming, gentle little giant.  
Chris, Mel and big sister Lexi
George at Middle Years (5-8)
Bannockburn P-12 College
Good morning Jodie,
We have a trained Therapy Dog who attends daily. I was lucky enough to purchase George from you ( Murray River Puppies) just over 4 years ago. He has grown to be an amazing Puppy that is so kind, caring and gentle. He loves life and attending school with almost 1000 students every day!
You can follow him at @georgethegoldy
David Simpson
Acting Assistant Principal
Middle Years (5-8)
Bannockburn P-12 College
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