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Standard and Mini/ Medium Groodle Testimonies.
" Bella"
Hi Jodie,
Just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful dog. The kids named her Bella. She is settling in great and everyone loves her. She was unsettled the first 2 nights but good now. Toilet training going well. She is very happy in her new home.
Thanks again
 Mini Groodle
Halo is doing just superbly…
She is such a lovely little dog &
so incredibly intelligent…
Jezza ( St Groodle) has been great.
Jezz is so very patient with her & they actually
had a full on play session today, instigated by Jezz herself, was wonderful to see..
Halo travelled home really well as you will see by one of the pics..she certainly is a
Groodle the way she often
sleeps flat out on her back.
Jenny and Clare.
St Groodle


Hi Jodie,
How time flies! Lulu has been with us for 2 months now and has truly become one of the family. She has settled in beautifully and is growing fast. She is a very quick learner, having already mastered all the basic commands such as sit, drop and stay even before her puppy classes. She was basically toilet trained after 2 weeks of arriving in our house. Lulu had her desex surgery last week. Just couldn't believe how quickly she has recovered! She was running around as if nothing has happened at Day 2 post op!. I've enclosed here her desex certificate, together with the purchase tax invoice and your $50 refund voucher. We're just so happy with our puppy, the whole family is besotted with her.
Kind regards,
Mini Groodle
Finally home and all settled 😃
Blossom has taken her under her wing,so lovely peaceful night with no sooking at all.
By the looks of this, it will only be a few weeks before Chilli is bigger than Blossom!!
Thanks again for another beautiful Murray River Pup - will keep you updated with more photos soon
Hi Jodie & Joe,
Eddie is without doubt the
most divine thing
we’ve ever encountered!
 We absolutely adore him.
 He’s sleeping through the
night and waking me for a
wee about 5.45am.  
Telling me when he needs to
go outside to poo
and when he’s hungry!   
He’s eaten like a champion from day 1 (We just think there’s never been a cuter dog born!  We’ll be booking him in for his next shots and neutering at 12 weeks.  We just love him.
We’re ‘cage’ training him and he loves his soft ‘portacot’ style cage so all seems to be going very well.
Thanks again.
​Mini Groodle


Hi Jodie,
Here are some photos of Daisy from not long after we brought her home. She has settled in really well at home at and we love her to bits. I will send you some of the more recent ones soon when I get them onto the computer.
She is 14 weeks old now
and getting really, really BIG.....and clumsy.
She is very funny.
Hope you like the
Deb Barnett
St Groodle.
Hi jodi. Thought you might enjoy these shots of our young fella "hugo".
Mini Groodle
Hi Jodie,
Murphy has settled in really well and has a lovely and calm temperament! He shakes hands all the time. Can you let us know if Hope has another litter, we would be interested in another puppy down the track and think Murphy is so calm because of Hope's nature. Thanks Jodie.
F1b St Groodle.
Hi Jodie
Just wanted  to let you know that Fudge arrived safely yesterday, she is a beautiful calm puppy 🐶 and is behaving so well. My boys are all in love with her and she is settling in really well. Her parents have done a mighty job😊
Kindest regards
Janine Garrett.
St Groodle.


Hi folks this is the testimonial  for Willow approaching her first birthday.  
We have had a fun time with a clever willful personality.  She plays runs eats and torments the cats at full velocity.  She is kind and gentle with babies and children. What an awesome creature. Thankyou so much for selecting me as her mum.
Attached are greeting pictures when I get home from work.
Best wishes Chris and Willow. 
St Groodle
Hi Jodie.
Just a quick email to thank you so much for our beautiful boy Vinnie.
I am stopped in the street by everyone, he is always the centre of attention!
Our dog trainer seems to think a coffee table book should be made about Vinnie on how to be happy!
He is gentle, smart and brings us so much joy and laughter.
As soon as the partner agrees, I'll be running in your direction for a little brother or sister for Vinnie!
Thanks Jodie!
Just thought I'd send you a couple of Doug update photos.
 He is such a character! !  
Once again thank you for our beautiful boy !!
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